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“What I marvel at most is how a man nearly killed and severely injured in a terrorist attack chose to befriend the brother of the man who'd targeted him.” 

David Kaczynski

Brother of the Unabomber

Hi, I'm Gary Wright

I'm a successful businessman, father, entrepreneur, wanna be athlete, jack of all trades, fix ‘almost anything,’ kind of guy. I'm also the survivor of a terrorist attack.  ​

My life changed in a millisecond when I picked up a pipe bomb in the parking lot of my business and it exploded. It had been placed there by an obscure man, law enforcement code named ‘The Unabomber’ 

I spent years recuperating from my physical injuries and coming to terms with the realization that someone had tried to kill me. I have a unique perspective on what it takes to recover from an act of terrorism and how grit, resilience, and adaptability profoundly affect life, personal relationships, and business.

I share the knowledge I have gained with individuals and organizations to help them understand the impact of trauma, its unseen side effects, and how to successfully define new and efficient paths forward. Previous topics include the unseen effects of trauma, effective communication, change management, and the benefits of exercise on healing.

Let's talk and see if we're a fit.

I have appeared on dozens of radio and television programs and been a featured guest speaker at many conferences, companies, and institutions.

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Let's Talk

Are we a fit?

Let’s get to know one another and find out if I’m a fit for you or your organization. Schedule a free 25-minute phone conversation to see if my services match your needs....
Let's Talk
25 min

Presentation Topics

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Personal presentations allow me to share my insight and perspective on challenges faced by survivors and supporters in the aftermath of terrorism or trauma.

Topics Include

Effects of Terrorism


'Closure and Other Dirty Words

Working with Law Enforcement, Media, and Others  

Benefits of Exercise on Healing

Presentations and professional workshops facilitate group dialogue on the effects of terrorism, using change to increase effectiveness, and other topics. 

Topics Include

Effects of Terrorism on Business

 Organizational Change and Adaptation 

Increasing Effectiveness and Productivity

Support During Trauma Related Events

Effective Communication

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