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About Gary Wright

Hi there, I’m Gary Wright and I'm the guy behind I grew up in the small mining town of Park City, Utah and I'm pretty sure my adventures there set the foundation for my life values and never quit attitude. I’ve had the good fortune of traveling the world for business, pleasure, and as a motivational speaker and appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me. 

This website represents lessons I’ve learned about the intricate connections between life, business, and successfully moving past an act of terrorism and violence. It also houses my thoughts, advice, and an introduction to tools I’ve developed for physical and mental healing, better communication, leadership, and business operations.


In 1987 I was seriously injured and nearly killed when I picked up an explosive device that had been disguised and placed in the parking lot of my office complex by an anonymous serial bomber who authorities had named the Unabomber. Over 200 pieces of wood and metal shrapnel were removed from my body after the bomb detonated and I endured at least a dozen surgeries, over a fifteen-year period, to repair the damage caused by the explosion. 

I spent nine years waiting to discover the identity of my assailant and during that time learned how to understand and cope with the complex emotional and physical challenges associated with an act of violence. I have a unique perspective on what it takes to move forward after a life altering event and I enjoy helping individuals, organizations, and institutions by sharing what I have learned.

In 1998 David Kaczynski called me to apologize on behalf of his family for the acts of his brother. During our conversation I told him "Ted’s crimes don't represent the values of the entire Kaczynski family and you're not responsible to carry the burden of your brother's actions." We continued to talk occasionally throughout the Unabomber trial and finally had the chance to meet in person. Over time we became close friends and have been hosted as featured speakers and appeared on many programs where we discuss the benefits of our unlikely friendship.

Over thirty years have passed since I was attacked by the Unabomber and I have spent that time redefining life, learning how to accept and reposition things beyond my control, and hopefully becoming a better and more informed person. Send me a message and let me know if you are interested in a consultation, workshop or keynote presentation

Television, Radio, Print Media

  • Good Morning America 

  • Oprah 

  • Unsolved Mysteries

  • CNN Crimes of the Century 

  • Dateline48 Hours60 Minutes

  • HBO, Discovery, C-SPAN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR

  • Americas Most Wanted 

  • National Geographic

  • People, Playboy, Time, Newsweek

  • Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune 

  • Many national, and international news interviews

Keynote Presentations

  • U.S. Senate Family Aide Committee 

  • U.S. Marshalls National Conference

  • United States Ninth Circuit Court

  • National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministries 

  • Rienhold Niebuhr Institute, Sienna College

  • University of New York at Albany, Institute of Justice 

  • Skidmore College, Council on Justice Reform

  • University of Utah, International Psychiatric Conference

  • State of Utah, Victims of Crime Reparations 

  • Other Institutions and Organizations

* Highlighted appearances and presentations

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