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Charting a New Path

Forward Looking and Looking Forward, Plotting a New Course

  • 1 hour
  • Session
  • Hosted via Telephone or Video Conference

Service Description

Looking at a map there may be many routes to the same destination, determining which is the shortest can be deceiving. Without the benefit of basic information such as weather conditions, terrain, and travel speed it's impossible to calculate the quickest route or make an informed decision. The same is true when we redefine life after profound change. It’s crucial to understand that doubt, fear, anger, loss, and even acceptance are critical factors that influence the path we choose and the speed in which we arrive at our destination. The new course we set will not only have an implicit effect on our happiness and success but also to those closest to us. The world can shift and physical abilities, relationships, and other things may change, yet life keeps moving. It’s what we do with these changes that defines our future. Topics and Thoughts - Survival of the Fittest, You’re Tougher Than You Think - Letting Go and Defining a ‘New’ You - Closure and Other Dirty Words - The Danger of Isolation - Grief Map and Healing Timeline Misconceptions - PTSD, A Survivor’s Perspective - Physical vs Emotional Healing - Forgiveness isn’t About Anyone but You - Walking the Path Alone

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