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Communication During Crisis

How Stress Impacts Conversation

  • 1 hour
  • Session
  • Hosted via Telephone or Video Conference

Service Description

Clear expression and passive listening are two of the most critical skills needed during times of crisis, without them words and dialogue that previously flowed smoothly can become disjointed and misinterpreted causing unintended confusion, pain, or frustration. I faced the challenge of strained communication during times of extreme stress and understand what is needed to facilitate respectful, healthy, and productive interaction. I know without a doubt that when communication stops, small things become big things and big things become even larger. Some of the key topics addressed during this session include: - Dialogue Challenges During Crisis - It’s Okay to be Angry - We All Want to be Heard - When is it My Turn to Talk? - Body Language Speaks Volumes - The ABC’s of Me and XYZ’s of You, A Communication Tool - An Overview of Grief Maps and Communication, Timing is Everything - The Positive Effect of Music on Communication

Contact Details

+ +1 385.331.6496

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