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Cycling to Sanity

Healing Your Mind and Body Through Exercise and Nutrition

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Service Description

Forensic scientists estimate the pieces of pipe, nails, razor blades, and other shrapnel packed inside the bomb I picked up were moving at approximately 20,000 feet per second when it detonated. At this speed the explosion was strong enough to liquify some of the metal that penetrated my body causing not only cuts and deep tissue damage but burns to my skin as well. I had over 200 pieces of wood and metal debris removed from my body and it took 18 months and multiple surgeries to repair the injuries to my face and the artery, nerves, and tendons in my hand and arm. I spent hundreds of hours in a dental chair rebuilding the damage to my teeth and believe it or not, healing from the physical wounds was the easy part of recovery. Mental and emotional healing can be much harder than physical recovery. How well physical wounds heal can be directly attributed to genetics, the skill of doctors, and the ability to follow recovery protocols. How quickly our mind heals after trauma follows a completely different set of rules. One of the coolest things I discovered during my recovery was the correlation between repetitive motion exercise and its ability to calm my thought process and provide clarity to difficult problems. Something special happens when your mind realizes that similar to the way our body recovers from the pain of hard physical exercise, it too can recover from pain caused by trauma or violence. I call this process Cycling to Sanity. During my presentation I discuss the use of exercise to heal both the body and the mind and how consistent exercise can reduce overall time to recovery.

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