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Gary Wright and David Kaczynski

Unlikely Friends From Opposite Sides of the Aisle

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Service Description

Gary Wright and David Kaczynski were unwittingly placed on opposing sides of the longest running, most expensive, criminal investigation in American history. Gary is a survivor of the Unabomber and David is the brother of Ted Kaczynski, the perpetrator and it is this juxtaposition that sets the stage for how they became 'Unlikely Friends.' During their presentation they openly share thoughts, feelings, and key aspects that each faced during the investigation and prosecution of the case. They also provide personal details about the first telephone call they shared and how it set the initial pieces of a foundation that would ultimately lead to their close friendship. Gary and David have appeared together on numerous television programs, been interviewed by many magazines and media outlets, and hosted by organizations and institutions as featured speakers. Gary helped me through the most difficult time in my life. What I marvel at most is how a man nearly killed and severely injured in a terrorist attack chose to befriend with genuine kindness and understanding the brother of the man who’d targeted him. - David Kaczynski

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