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Navigating the Unexpected

Life in the Midst of Crisis

  • 1 h
  • Session
  • Hosted via Telephone or Video Conference

Service Description

Life gets pretty complicated when the unthinkable happens. Every person experiences trauma uniquely and most don’t have a triage plan or guide on how to handle complex issues such as recovery from injuries, supporting a survivor, the impact on relationships, business or finance, and in some cases how to work with law enforcement or the media. Insight into the complex dynamics of trauma and learning how to manage expectations and emotions can help minimize the amount of time it takes to move forward when affected by events beyond our control. During this session I share some of the initial challenges faced in the months immediately following the Unabomber attack. I also provide advice and tools to help navigate difficult situations during times of crisis. Specific Topics Include: - The Trauma and Healing Timeline - Family Dynamics and Disrupters - Setting Expectations - Pain, Anxiety, and Depression - Pharmaceutical Drugs and Potential Side Effects - The Different Needs and Perspectives of Survivors and Supporters - Working with Law Enforcement Agencies - Interacting with the Press or Media

Contact Details

+ +1 385.331.6496

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