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Organizational Change and Adaptation

Sometimes You Have to Break a System to Fix It

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Service Description

The Unabomber case was ongoing for seventeen years and is the longest running, most expensive, criminal investigation in American history. The pressure to solve the case was intense and the organizational structure of the multi-agency UNABOM Task Force was proving to be inefficient and disjointed causing frustration, additional expense, and failure to produce expected results. Terry led the reorganization of the Task Force and implemented policies and procedural changes that ultimately led to an arrest and conviction. Terry Turchie is the former Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI and was also the Director of the UNABOM task force between 1994 and 1998 during the capture and arrest of Theodore Kaczynski. I was the founder of CAAMS, Inc a computer service and sales organization providing services to private individuals, corporations, and State, Local, and Federal Government agencies. The Unabomber case also had an immediate impact on my company and forced me to evaluate and execute changes to insure employee privacy, security, and business continuity. Given the extent of my injuries and the fact that this was the first time the Unabomber had ever been seen extra precautions were enacted and additional responsibilities assigned to key employees to maintain the highest levels of customer and vendor satisfaction. Join Terry and I as we discuss the case and the organizational and procedural changes each of us made to maximize our chance for success. Areas of discussion include Change During Crisis Rebuilding an Organization When it is no Longer Efficient or Producing Results. Cooperating with Disparate Agencies and Managing Distributed Personnel Leading people Through Trust and Respect Creating a Team Based Environment Effective Methods for Coping with Pressure and Extreme Deadlines Successful Communication in Times of Crisis Development of Emergency Response and Security plans

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