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Terrorism, Trauma, and Business

Lessons Learned During a Moment of Crisis

  • 2 hr
  • Minimum
  • Customer Site or Other Venue

Service Description

The Unabomber case taught me many things but one of the most important relates to the impact of terrorism on a business and its employees. When the bomb exploded, I got a fly by the seat of your pants crash course on preserving business continuity, controlled transition, and the need to provide my employees, business partners, and clients with a sense of confidence and stability during a time of extreme chaos and uncertainty. Surviving a terrorist attack exposes vulnerabilities and elevates your senses. Not only did it show me the need to think and plan deeply for unforeseen events, it also gave me insight and perspective on leadership, trust, accountability, communication, and other important areas of business. It also illustrated where unexpected change could result in disaster or a in a resilient and more efficient organization. During the presentation I share details of my experience and how the lessons learned changed my leadership style, improved business productivity, and increased employee, vendor, and customer satisfaction. Presentation Topics Have Included - What Terrorism Taught Me About Business - Personal Resilience and its Impact on Employees and Business - Managing Employee, Business Partner, and Client Relations During Crisis - Supporting Employees and Survivors When The Unexpected Happens - Internal and External Communication Channels and Responsible Messaging

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