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The ABC's of Me and XYZ's of You

The Different Needs of Survivors and Supporters in Times of Trauma

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Service Description

Survivors and 'supporters of survivors' have very different needs during and after traumatic events. A survivor may suffer with the loss of a loved one, be focused on their injuries and physical pain, or struggle with simple day to day tasks, while a supporter might be worried about the health of the injured person, assume the tasks of managing finances, a household and children, and not know exactly how to support a survivor. Survivors and Supporters experience trauma differently and each can become internally focused trying to understand how to cope with the immediate impact and effects of the event. Emotions are high, so patience can become strained and tempers run short, leading to a breakdown in communication and the misconception that there is a lack of sympathy for the needs of one another. This sets up the potential for misunderstanding and strained relations at a time when strength and support are most needed. The ABC’s of Me and XYZ’s of You provides personal insight into the effects the Unabomber case had on me as a survivor, and those closest to me who were my supporters. I also offer tools and advice to help others understand and manage the highly charged dynamics of dealing with trauma and its side effects.

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