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Transform Your Body, Take Back Your Mind

The Powerful Connection Between Physical Fitness and How You Think and Heal.

  • 1 h
  • Session
  • Hosted via Telephone or Video Conference

Service Description

I've spent years documenting the role consistent exercise played in my healing process and know exactly what happens when physical exertion quiets your mind and allows you to listen to what your sub conscious is saying. I call this process ‘Cycling to Sanity’. Exercise has been an essential and critical element in healing both my mind and body. Consistent training has improved my fitness level and provided a way to explore my beliefs, solve complex problems, and fundamentally change my thought process and the way I choose to live life. In other words, it has helped me become a better and more complete person. Once you realize your body will recover from the physical discomfort of exercise, your mind also becomes aware that it too can heal from pain and other side effects of trauma. Discussion Points Include - What is 'Cycling to Sanity' - The Profound Effects of Exercise on Healing - Exercise as an Alternative to Medication - Nutrition and Supplements - Description of the Healing Triangle - Finding Grittiness and Perseverance - Repetitive Motion and Its Effect on Cognitive Function - How to Get Started

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+ +1 385.331.6496

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